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Phoenix Marine is one of the most successful and innovative marine and underwater construction firms in the New York Harbor area.

Our experience in accomplishing difficult above and below water rehabilitations of marine facilities has earned us a reputation for providing safe, high quality workmanship on schedule. Our comprehensive experience will provide the owner the cooperative relationship to build new facilities and or rehabilitate existing. Phoenix Marine’s priorities are:

#1. Safety, #2. Quality Control and Assurance, #3. Profit.

Our commitment to safety has allowed us to be blessed with a perfect safety record. We maintain a significant safety staff, including a full time Safety Engineer, along with a continuous employee safety training program. In regards to quality, we have a full time Quality Control Engineer and are corporate members of the ASQ. We are also members of ACI nationally, as well as ACI NY & NJ chapter.

Phoenix Marine has close working relationships with several consultants, which allows us to maintain the highest levels of safe work environments and also provides the owner with the maximum quality of construction.

Phoenix Marine has at our disposal several barges equipped with full dive stations and 35 ton or 100 ton hydraulic cranes. We also utilize our state of the art concrete placement barge. This 90’ x 86’ barge comes complete with a 12 yd Zimmerman Mobile Mixer, Reed Concrete Pump, bins for sand and stone, and silos holding cement dust and fly ash. Our concrete barge gives us the flexibility to perform all pier concrete rehabilitation from the water without any disruption to an owners operation.

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Pier 88
Complete rehabilitation of substructure and 75,000 square foot expansion of pier deck.

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