Harlem River Phase III

Harlem River Phase 3

Phase III is the northernmost portion of the Harlem River Park Bikeway and Esplanade. This project was a complete re-build of the existing park, which had been forced close due to the deteriorated conditions of the waterfront structures.

The waterfront design involved replacement of the upper steel sheet pile bulkhead with a stepped revetment and tide pools. This stepped design was achieved using precast retaining wall units, and required a new tie-back system, which was mechanically connected to the existing tie-rods and deadman prior to demolition of the bulkhead. The work included significant underwater repairs to the existing steel sheeting, a new underwater reinforced cap and tie-rod connections, and the installation of a cathodic protection system. A significant portion of the existing steel sheet pile bulkhead was restored with a reinforced concrete encasement and timber sheeting. The project also included a comprehensive upland park construction, including installation of utilities, retaining walls, placement of landscape boulders, granite pavers, grading, paving, and landscaping. The new park is continuous with Phase II to the south (also built by Phoenix Marine) and has drawn accolades from the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, political leaders, and the general public.

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