Stabilize Ellis Island Seawall

Ellis Island Seawall

Phoenix Marine successfully completed the most recent seawall stabilization project at Ellis Island in 2008, and is intimately familiar with the island’s historic marine structures.  A major component of this project was the underpinning of seawall sections using micropiles drilled through the top of the seawall.  During this project, Phoenix Marine and its subcontractor, Force Drilling, gained valuable knowledge of the variation in the existing structural configuration and sub-grade conditions at the seawall.  Other work that was successfully executed in this project, included underwater recovery of granite blocks, removal of granite cap stones, excavation to MLW, construction of a reinforced concrete wale beam at the Ferry Building, installation of steel sheet pile and tremie concrete toe walls, backfilling and compaction of granular fill, removal and restoration of existing sidewalk and pavers, removal and replacement of railings and fender system elements at the Ferry Slips, and resetting and repointing of the seawall granite blocks and cap stones.  In addition to the prescribed work described above, Phoenix Marine worked closely with the Nation Parks Service, and its consultants including Schnabel Engineering, to design and implement an underpinning installation for the Bell Tower, and the preliminary stabilization of the seawall in Work Area 5 (previously known as C-2).  This work included excavation, pile driving, and extension of the steel sheet pile and tremie concrete toe wall.  The project was carried out with maximum attention to historical preservation and protection of the buildings and trees that were in close proximity to the work.

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