About Phoenix Marine

Diving Experts

Phoenix Marine is one of the most successful and innovative marine and underwater construction firms in the New York Harbor area.

Since Phoenix Marine began in 1989, we have been a trusted company for over three decades having completed many successful marine and underwater projects. Our experience in accomplishing difficult above and below water rehabilitations of marine facilities has earned us a reputation for providing safe, high quality workmanship on schedule. Our comprehensive experience will provide the owner the cooperative relationship to build new facilities and or rehabilitate existing. Phoenix Marine’s priorities are #1: Safety, #2: Quality Control and Assurance, #3: Profit.

All of our projects have been won through competitive bidding with many major NJ & NY City, County, State, Federal Agencies. These agencies include PANY&NJ, NYC Economic Development Corporation, Battery Park City Authority, Brooklyn Bridge Authority, NY Dept of Transportation, Fire Dept of NYC, NJ Turnpike Authority, NJ Dept of Transportation, and NJ Transit Authority. Throughout each project won, we have created a collaborative environment with the owner and the engineer(s) to ensure that work is carried out as efficiently as possible.

Phoenix Marine is known for our commitment to safety, and we have been blessed with a perfect safety record. Our professional crews consist of certified Project Managers, Project Engineers, Safety Engineers, Estimators, and Dockbuilding and Diving Crews who deliver outstanding work with their hands-on approach with the safety and quality Phoenix Marine has a proven reputation for.